Good art

2016-03-02 18:13:36 by mahelgaens

ok this entry is about an art, well this guy is 14 and he made a quite good art it's maybe only 2 submitted art that he upload but I think it should be in the art front page because it is really awesome art he made if u wanna check that guy here's the link to his main profile


2016-01-25 11:31:33 by mahelgaens

Well I guess I have to do with the deal 10exp per day, whatever rank dont give a damn care about it 


2016-01-24 22:48:50 by mahelgaens

10 exp per day oh God gotta a lot of work to do T_T

and still civillian T_T dont get the rank and level stuff dont get it at all 

help ?? T_T

Project: Silvarion

2016-01-23 11:18:29 by mahelgaens

And again I'm waking up with the same dreams that haunts me.


well still working on it actually still getting the idea :/

its so noob T_T

2016-01-23 04:57:04 by mahelgaens

So I want to make another art for NG but suddenly my work apps gone cause my windows crash and delete everything its so f*cked up, so I start to use MS paint for doing this I dunno what just happend and someone could you tell me is this a pixel art or what category is this T_T leave a comment and rate


2016-01-23 01:46:11 by mahelgaens

Just realize why I didn't used MS paint for drawing, arghghh!


2016-01-22 23:35:04 by mahelgaens

THIS WINDOWS 10 OMG!!! I just wanna create my another artwork suddenly this WINDOWS just crash the f*ck my work gone omg.....


i've been sign up for NG from many years, but didnt had anything to upload so I decided to upload my old work on corel draw, well I'm beginner xD

just vote in this link thanks :D and what do you think

Why I'm still civillian

2013-10-22 11:33:31 by mahelgaens

Help man i dont understand how rank up my emblem and why im still civillian