Entry #9

Good art

2016-03-02 18:13:36 by mahelgaens

ok this entry is about an art, well this guy is 14 and he made a quite good art it's maybe only 2 submitted art that he upload but I think it should be in the art front page because it is really awesome art he made if u wanna check that guy here's the link to his main profile http://sylv3ster.newgrounds.com/


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2016-03-02 18:25:02

Artists need 4 pieces to be scouted. Once that requirement is filled, it'll be easier to judge it. Then I might scout him myself.

mahelgaens responds:

T_T gosh I really wanna can scout people, yeah I'll keep an eye on him too


2016-03-02 21:25:25

The works hes submitted so far arent bad, but they're not original enough to post on the front page.

mahelgaens responds:

so you mean he is taking that from other resource ?